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dipped in sunshine [entries|friends|calendar]
miss jocelyn

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30 [16 Mar 2009|05:36pm]

30, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

ok. it's been a year almost since i have updated.... but i still read my friends page everyday!

missing everyone and will try to update on a semi regular basis.... no really, i'm going to try!

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jetlagged [21 Apr 2008|06:20pm]
i'm home!
new york was INSANE.
lots of incredible food, even more vodka!
and i got a lensbaby! woo hoo!

photos will be here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bjorkish/sets/72157604657645508/
i am trying to post a few in between naps.

i'll make a real update later :D
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vacation: day 1 [13 Apr 2008|03:03pm]

leap, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

i really should be packing for new york... instead i went to the beach, took pics, doing anything that is not packing. i leave at 7am tomorrow :O

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fresh. [08 Apr 2008|02:29pm]

fresh., originally uploaded by bjorkish.

today, on my day off, i had to go in to work early and lead a coffee tasting! i'm not going to lie, i had so much fun :)
i always get excited when starbucks rolls out something new.

so did everyone get their free cup of pike place roast today? thoughts?
it's okay, but the organic sumatra-peru blend.. WOW. delicious!

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showtime take 2 [05 Apr 2008|05:00pm]

ttv pink lady 1, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

i have been so busy that i forgot to post that i have another show tonight! this one is small, features four of my ttv prints, 12x12 prints, mounted on 24x24 sheet metal. what a nightmare it was to hang them!

time is flying so fast right now. next week my vacation starts, and i will be in new york!!!!!! i am so excited.

any tips on where i should go while in new york? so far we are going to the opera (3 times) the little mermaid, b&h photo, central park zoo, mood fabrics, and a bunch of restaurants (babbo (!!!), craft, cafe des artistes) but i want to take in as much of new york as i can in 5 days, so......

yay :D

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29 [09 Mar 2008|11:49am]

29, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

today i'm doing something i haven't done in a looong time.. i'm having a birthday party!! :)

i bought a new dress, new shoes and a lot of alcohol! so excited!!!!

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$$$ [28 Feb 2008|12:44pm]
this has been a good photo week for me..

1. i found out that i sold 2 3 photos at my show :) (the show was only open to the public for 3 hours, so i think this is pretty damn good.
2. i am having another show in april!! :)
3. one of my photos is going to be featured in a book called "Roadside Americana". (i will write more about this later probably)

this is exciting & it is good to finally be making a little bit of money doing this too.

also, i started doing some through the viewfinder shots (ttv) with a kodak duaflex. i really really love them.

pink lady

i think this is what my april show theme will be. what do you think ?

also, OMG i will be 29 in a little over a week!
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show [06 Feb 2008|02:12pm]

show, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

on saturday i had my first show at c street studios during arts alive. i guess it went well. a lot of starbucks customers came, which was nice, and some of us snuck out for a few celebratory cocktails.

however, getting ready for the show was not fun. i was told to buy mats for my frames online, which i did, but they didn't show up when they were scheduled to. so i had to run around town to find the correct sizes, and then go home and frame and mat everything (16 pictures). it was a lot of work, but they turned out awesome... if i do say so myself ;)

all of the comments i received were really good, but there was a photo of kisa, so i got to hear a lot of "what is that?!" and "omg that thing is so weird" ... insult the photos all you want, but not kisa!

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96 [28 Jan 2008|07:22pm]

my sister, my grandmother and me at my grandma's 96th birthday dinner.

& one of my photos is featured on http://www.threelovelies.com :D
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show [24 Jan 2008|08:10pm]
i got a phone call today asking if i would like to have a photography show at a gallery in old town (!!!!!!!!) so of course even though time is really limited, i want to do this. right now i have been trying to come up with a theme, but not having much luck. so i am asking for opinions :D

picsCollapse )

i was also thinking of a fruit+veg theme, since the colors are so vibrant and just leap off the wall, but i also don't want something to chiché. argh D:

life update: i just got back from working at a bridal expo in santa rosa. OMG. me and over 100 brides. not fun. i was a wine glass rep for my sister, selling (or trying to) high end toasting glasses. the show was interesting, good people watching, but having to stand in 4 in heels on a cement floor for over 5 hours was not fun. my body is still recovering.

work is insane. as usual.

i am going to new york in may! 3 operas, a musical and shopping! we are also going to MOOD to feed our (my mom, my stepdad and myself) project runway addiction. GO TEAM FIERCE! ;)
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santa came early (E-3!) [19 Dec 2007|06:44pm]
[ mood | yay! ]

i haven't been around at all lately because i have been working my tail off so i could afford to buy my new camera, and it just showed up a few minutes ago!!!!!

this is the second picture i took - the first was project runway on tv :p - but it is kisa in bed (where else) at 3200 iso with the e-3.


sooooo excited to take this puppy out in the rain and take heaps of pictures!

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nooooo [15 Dec 2007|09:24am]
[ mood | SAD! ]

i was driving to loleta, and on the way i always look out to see the eureka protein company building, because i love it so much :)

anyways, so i was driving by and i didn't see it. i thought perhaps i missed it, so i paid very close attention to it on the way home. it's gone. bulldozers were there. it's now a big pile of rubble. i am so depressed about this.

Eureka Protein Company


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covergirl [30 Nov 2007|09:12pm]
one of my customers brought me a local newspaper today.. look who's on the cover :)

so cool!
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click or treat [05 Nov 2007|09:32am]

click or treat, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

i am running *very* late for work (as usual) but here are a few snaps from halloween. i was björk! :p

swan welcome to the shanty!

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question. [19 Oct 2007|09:11pm]
would anyone be interested in purchasing some prints?

i am having a bunch done for work & presents, so i thought maybe some people in lj land would like some too.
if there is interest, i will post a list of available photos & prices :)
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vacation!! [19 Oct 2007|03:57pm]
since i cannot take any time off in november/december, i decided to take a mini-vacation. i don't go back to work until friday! 6 whole days.. ahhhhh!!!!! i don't have any plans. just SLEEP. clean my house. sleep some more and do some serious catch up on stuff.
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kisa has hair! [25 Sep 2007|04:08pm]

kisa has hair!, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

i could not resist. i saw these pet "wigs" at target and thought kisa needed one for halloween.

just wait 'til you see what mister is going to be ;)

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circle [19 Sep 2007|05:36pm]

circle, originally uploaded by bjorkish.

i just received an email & phone call about this photo... it is going to be published in the Humboldt County Visitors Bureau! (or one of their many publications)

awesome! :)

no work today. no work yesterday. it's been very nice.

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wedding pics! [11 Sep 2007|10:29pm]
here are some photos from sarahfae's wedding!

mr and mrs foster

_9082090 _9082098 _9082301 _9082300 _9082347
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[07 Sep 2007|12:00pm]
i haven't updated in so long, i don't even know what to write about.

i am sick.

work has been.. well, i am not even going to go there, but i did have over 16 hours of overtime last week...hence the lack of updating.

sarahfae's wedding is tomorrow. due to high concentration of asshats in humboldt county, tim is now using my kitchen since his commercial kitchen space didn't "Work out" (drama alert)
there is so much food in my house, and 'round the clock cooking.

i dyed my hair red. again. i wasn't sure about it until a kid came up to me and told me i looked like the little mermaid. i know i did a good job ;)

kisa and mister are fine. fat & happy.

nervous about photographing the wedding tomorrow. having a fever is not helping. i'm sure everything will be fine, but......

time to get dressed for work now. :|
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